Halle Berry Appeared To Break Up w/ Boyfriend; Blasting Him On IG!!

Editor’s Update: It’s not clear what happened between Halle and her boyfriend, but it doesn’t appear they broke up. On February 13th, one week after this article was written, she released romantic pics with Van Hunt.

There are two things you can always say about actress Halle Berry – she’s undoubtably beautiful…..and her relationships don’t last.

MTO News is hearing rumors that Halle and her boyfriend Van Hunt have split. According to a popular Hollywood insider’s IG account, Halle and Van had been growing apart and officially ended things shortly after the new year.


Well today Halle went on IG, and appeared to blast her former love. Look what Halle posted:

Halle has had multiple failed relationships, and all of them ended badly. She recently settled a bitter divorce from her ex-husband Olivier Martinez and she’s still locked in a bitter child custody battle with her baby’s father Gabriel Autry.

And that’s just the latest of her failed relationships.

She also had dozens of failed relationships, with some of the most famous Black men in Hollywood – including Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, Christopher Williams, and baseball star David Justice, whom she married.

What is the deal Halle? What is the deal?

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