Gunna Said Freddie Gibbs Reached Out To Do A Collab

Gunna says that Freddie Gibbs reached out to do a collab together even after he dissed him.

“It came out the blue. I was rapping and his name came up. I had to let him know before it came out, ’cause I aint really on no sucker time. I’m really, like, trying to address everything and every situation before anything happen,” he said of his beef with Gibbs. “So you already know, I knew where he stood at before anything, off top. He a man, and he gon’ let you know. ‘I got a problem with you, or I don’t got a problem with you.’ That’s it. That’s really what it was. You said what you said and I said what I said.”

After a video circulated of Gunna being interviewed about a crime, Gibbs called him a snitch. That was in 2019. Gunna waited more than two years to diss him back.

“I had to let him know, I don’t f*ck with you. He tried to do a song with me through my manager. It’s like, huh? Wait? What?” he said. “He thought I forgot. I don’t forget. If I got a problem with you from five years ago, it’s still. It don’t change. It can be 10 years later. I’m gon’ get you.”


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