Gucci Mane’s TOP Artist Is Bisexual . . . ‘I Like Guys & Girls’ . . . ‘Packs Out Dudes On O*lyfans’!

The world of hip hop is changing. One of the most prominent artists under Gucci Mane’s label has come out as bisexual, MTO News has confirmed.

Gucci’s artist Lil Wop is going viral, after coming out yesterday on Twitter. Here’s the tweet where he “came out.”

And there’s more, the rapper opened up a page on the graphic website Only*ans. And according to Twitter, Lil Wop is on there with both men and women. As one Tweeter explained, “He packs out dudes” on the page.

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So far the label head, Gucci Mane, has not said anything about Lil Wop’s revelations.

Here’s Lil Wop’s most prominent record, No Heart:

Lil Wop is an American Rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. Some of his most notable songs include “Lost My Mind”, “Safe House”, “Broadway”, and “BackWoods”.

Wop’s first big hit was “Broadway.” Wop’s style has been described on demonic and dark. Wop also has a tattoo of Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream tattoo on his face and a sword over his right eye. One of his most prominent songs, “Lost My Mind”, was inspired by Gucci Mane as well. He also claims to spend about $4,000 monthly on drugs and like to share women’s buco-genital presents on social media.   Wop’s SoundCloud currently has over hundreds of thousands of streams. His most popular song to date is “Lost My Mind.”  

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