Guapdad 4000 Denied A Spirit Airlines Upgrade By Yung Baby Tate Fan

A Spirit Airlines employee revealed that she denied Guapdad 4000 an upgrade on the plane because of the way he treated Yung Baby Tate on Love & Hip Hop.

“I saw that guy that you were dating on lhh he was at my job (Spirit Airlines) with some Asian chick, he had the nerve to ask if I could get them better seats,” she wrote to Yung Baby Tate.

“I was like sorry sir the plane is full then proceeded to give them sh*tty seats. F*ck you mean stop playing with Baby Tate,lol I could have kept this to myself but I thought mhmm she might find this amusing lol!” 

Guapdad responded: “I just found out an employee at @SpiritAirlines denied me access to better seats even though i offered to pay. Because of a bias she has for a rapper from TV.” The rapper said that he was attending his brother’s wedding. “Thanks for broadcasting my travel information.”

Was the fan wrong?

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