Grove Hero Goes Off On Blac Youngsta: You Lame!!

Grove Hero hopped on live to go off on Blac Youngsta and rode through his old hood.

Grove showed that his old hood was broken down and filled with several decrepit, vacant homes. He called Blac Youngsta lame, before riding past Youngsta’s grandma’s house, which needs a new roof.

“We on Blac Youngsta grandma street. Me on McMillan,” he begins. He later adds, “Mane, you doin’ all this muthaf*ckin talkin mane, look at this sh*t man.”

He continues to roast Youngsta.

Just yesterday Blac spoke out about his grandma and says she was close to dying: “I’m human I ain’t perfect, I go thru sh*t just like everybody else. I done lost more of my inner n*ggas than any other n*gga coming outta my city *Memphis* My grandma damn near on her deathbed now but I don’t get on the internet crying about it or looking for the world to feel sorry for a n*gga.”


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