Grace Jones & Wilt Chamberlain Both HATED Being Black; Called Each Other N***ER!!

An interesting report from the 1980s is circulating online, which talks about an argument behind between two legendary stars on a movie set – basketball great Wilt Chamberlain and actress/model Grace Jones.

The tidbit came from an Arnold Schwarzenegger auto biography, Total Recall. Arnold described how – in his movie Conan The Destroyer – Grace and Wilt would argue against each other, and both appeared to hate their skin color.


Here’s a bit of Grace’s anti-Black sentiment:

[Grave] and Chamberlain kept getting into arguments in the makeup trailer about who was really black.​

He would refer to her as an African-American, and Grace, born and raised in Jamaica, would just explode. “I’m not African-American, so don’t you call me that!” she’d yell.​

“I’m not like you,” she would tell him. “I don’t come from uneducated slaves. I’m from Jamaica, I speak French, my ancestors were never slaves.”​

But Wilt was just as bad:

Wilt would be saying, “There’s nothing black about me. Don’t give me this crap! I live in Beverly Hills with the white guys, I f*ck only white women, I drive the same cars as the white guys, I have money like white guys. So f*ck you, you’re the n*****.”​

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