Gorgeous Newscaster Harassed On Camera: ‘You Can’t leave Me Alone w/ A Black Woman’


A beautiful newscaster from Rochester, New York was sexually harassed by a passerby, while on camera, MTO News has learned.

The gorgeous and talented journalist Brianna Hamblin was on location in downtown Rochester, preparing to deliver a live news report. Then, from out of nowhere a man came up behind her and started making inappropriate comments.

The man – who was White and appeared to be intoxicated or on drugs – walked by Brianna and said, “You’re beautiful as hell – god damn.”

Brianna appeared uncomfortable with his comment, but nonetheless said to the man, “Thank you.”

But the man stopped and continued to ogle at Brianna – as she tried to do her news cast.

Eventually, the man’s comments took a dark and possibly racist turn. The man told Brianna, ‘You see that’s why I can’t be left alone with Black women.”

Brianna’s face changed when she heard this – MTO News observed. You could see a tinge of FEAR in her face.

Luckily the man eventually left, without physically harming Brianna. But you could see that his emotionally abusive words injured her.


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