GOP Senator Dragged For Saying America Is Not A Racist Country!!


Republican U.S. Sen. Tim Scott is being dragged on Twitter for his response to President Biden’s address to Congress — Scott says America is not racist.

“Hear me clearly,” Scott said. “America is not a racist country.”

He also took his argument to Fox News, where he accused Dems of calling him the n-word. He was also upset at social media users for calling him an “Uncle Tim.”

“Intolerance so often comes from the left with words like ‘Uncle Tom’ and the ‘n-word’ being used against me,” Scott said. “And last night what was trending in social media was ‘Uncle Tim,’ and they doubled down on this concept of liberal oppression. It is stunning in 2021 that those who speak about ending discrimination want to end it by more discrimination.”


“The left has doubled down that they are going to, not attack my policies, but they’re literally attacking the color of my skin,” he added.

Is he right or is he trippin?

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