Goons Break Into OPPS Funeral . . . And STEAL The Body! (Video)

Just when you thought that street beef between factions couldn’t get any wilder – a new video is circulating, which purports to show gangsters pulling up at the opps’ funeral – and stealing the body.

MTO News obtained video footage from the funeral home, which shows a group of men rush in, and walk out with their fallen rival’s corspe. This is the latest in a growing trend, of gang members disrespecting people they have killed – and trolling the deceased’s family and friends.

The video first began circulating on a popular Chicago blogger IG account. And the blogger claimed that the incident occurred in Chicago. 

But MTO News learned that the incident did NOT happen in Chicago – or Jacksonville – as is being reported online. The incident occurred in the Dominican Republic.

The body was initially stolen, but the fallen gangster’s friends eventually were able to get the body back – albeit a few days later. MTO News confirmed that the family and friends of the deceased held a second funeral, this time with a lot more security.

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