Gillie Da Kid: Tekashi 6ix9ine Is Not A Civilian!!

Gillie Da Kid doesn’t agree with Wack 100’s take that Tekashi 6ix9ine is a civilian.

“Before you get into it, I’mma say, I f”ck with Wack. Wack is money. Me and Wack is good. I don’t like the narrative that Wack is pushing that that kid is a civilian. Civilians do not pay n*ggas ten thousands dollars to go shoot at n*ggas. Civilians do not run around and tell n*ggas that they know operate out here in them streets to suck they d*ck,” said Gillie.

“Civilians do not tell n*ggas that they know is street n*ggas that, ‘F*ck you, your brother got killed, b*tch why you ain’t did nothin’… ‘They just killed another one of your motherf*ckin’ homies. When you n*ggas gon’ ride.’ Civilians don’t act like that.”


Wack 100 has defended 6ix9ine’s snitching ways by claiming that he can’t be a snitch if he is a civilian. But Tekashi did put hits out on people.

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