Gillie Da Kid Defends Trashing Jay-Z’s ‘Corny’ Bars On ‘Sorry Not Sorry’

Gillie Da Kid is not a fan of Hov’s verse on Nas’ “Sorry Not Sorry,” calling them corny.

Rapper Mysoone called him out — but he did not back down.

“You want me to throw Jay on talkin’ about a ‘B and then another B and then a double B,'” Gillie said. “‘Can’t forget about the other B.’ That sh*t was corny! That sh*t was corny as sh*t.”

“C’mon now, Gil. You can’t hate on that verse. C’mon. You my guy, but for you to act like that verse is not lyrical mastery, all that sh*t that that man did in that verse. I ain’t never probably heard a n*gga that come through on a verse that said that much sh*t. Triple entendres, double entendres, bars, he gave you hard bars, then he gave you braggadocious bars, and the delivery, the cadence? Everything–that sh*t is lyrical mastery. That’s what you call a verse, my n*gga,” said Mysonne.

Gillie wasn’t biting.

“Bro, you talk about ‘that’s Hov.’ It is Hov. It is. And Hov is the GOAT. The Greatest Of All Time. I’m not taking that away from him, but let’s not act like a n*gga can’t have an opinion, man. ‘Oh, this is the greatest, you can teach a course.’ With that sh*t?! You can’t teach no f*ckin’ courses. I don’t care what y’all talkin’ about, man. I got an opinion. I’m a whole fan. I wave the Hov flag, sh*t. Hov is that n*gga. That joint wasn’t that, man. I don’t give a f*ck what y’all sayin’.”

He added, “You still not gettin’ in the brunch, he’s not gon’ send y’all no passes to get to the brunch, Mysonne. That sh*t cool. You my brother. You ain’t gettin’ in the brunch.” 

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