Gilbert Arenas Threatens To Release Video Exposing Kwame Brown

Gilbert Arenas is still going in on Kwame Brown and is threatening to release a video that claims to expose him.

“@kwan_low I have 54 minutes of who u were as a wizard nothing but truth supported by facts and articles ‍♂️so let’s not do this anymore OKAY?” Arenas wrote. “Them fans nicknamed u ‘boo boo brown’ becuz u played like some sh*t and u want SMOKE with me? not 1 minute of this video is about u off the court just yo hoe as tendencies on the court,” Arenas added.

Arenas also clowned Brown for calling himself an alpha male.

“Kwame a alpha male is a mindset not physical attributes,” Arenas wrote. “A alpha wouldn’t be on the internet complaining how everyone treated him and blaming people for why his career didn’t go the way it should have. A alpha male isn’t a victim they create victims.”

Watch the video above.

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