German Model w/ Biggest Breasts In Europe Gets RACE Change Surgery – She’s Now BLACK!


The German model, 33, who has been described as having the “biggest breasts in Europe” – is now going viral, for undergoing what many are calling “race reassignment” surgery.

The model, Martina Big who was born a fair skinned White woman . . . is now Black, MTO News has learned.

The model’s 58,000 Instagram followers were shocked at the obvious differences in a throwback snap where she was blonde haired with her natural skin tone.

Four years ears ago, Martina had a controversial “melioration” surgery. In the surgery, MTO News has learned, the model was injected with large amounts of melanin into her glands, to eventually change her skin color.

Bald Headed SAWEETIE Shows Off her New Look . . . And Yes, She’s Still GORGEOUS!!

Over the years, MTO News has learned that Martina had multiple boob jobs over the years, which has seen her bra size get up to a giant, unnaturally big 32T.

She captioned the old pictures with: “The photo on the left was taken 10 years ago, before I had my first plastic surgery.”

“In the meantime I’ve changed from head to toe.”

“One of the biggest changes has happened to my breasts.”

Martina is allowed to repeatedly expand her implants using a valve hidden under her armpit. According to reports, a doctor can stealthily go in, inject more saline solution, and make her breasts bigger, without another surgery.

Here’s what she looks like now:

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