Georgia Man SHOT 15 Times On IG Live . . . Arguing Over PARKING SPOT!!

A Georgia man was shot 15 times, and the shooter is on the loose – after an argument over a parking space, MTO News has learned. And the entire argument and the shooting was live-streamed on Instagram Live.

In the video, which was posted on social media and viewed more than 1 million times, two men are seen arguing over a parking spot.

MTO News learned, through social media reports, that both men attempted to pull into the same parking spot – and an argument ensued.

While one man remained calm and stayed inside his car – the other man (the victim) began cursing and threatening his “opp.”

Eventually the would be gunshot victim got out of his car and walked over to his opp, telling him “Slap me and see what will happen to you.”

The Opp wasn’t interested in fighting. MTO News confirmed that he pulled a semi-automatic handgun and shot the aggressor 15 times at point blank range.


The shooter fled the scene – but he may not be guilty of any crime. Georgia’s self-defense law known as Stand Your Ground was made to protect Georgians and their property.

Stand Your Ground law states that it allows “Georgians to use deadly force to defend themselves, other persons or property based on a “reasonable belief” that such force is necessary to prevent death, bodily injury or a forcible felony.”

What that means in practice is that no person has the duty to retreat at their home or wherever they might be. So if someone reasonably believes there is a threat to their home, property, or person, then they have the right to act in self-defense.

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