Georgia Drill Rapper ‘KIDNAPS’ His Opps Father & Forces Him To Participate In Music Video!

A Georgia drill rapper is going viral after a new music video popped up on social media, which purports to show him kidnapping the elderly father of one of his opps, and putting him in a music video, MTO News has learned.

The rapper, a Savannah rapper named Coby Sosaa, is the latest “demon drill” rapper to perform disrespectful acts in his music video. In the video for his hit song “P*SS* ANTHEM 2” Coby sits on the back of an elderly man who lays on the ground helpless.

Coby writes at the beginning of the video that the elderly man is one of his “opps father.”

Here’s the video that’s circulating on Twitter:

And the actual music video dropped also. Here’s the edited music video:

The isn’t the first “demon drill” 

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