Gentrified Karen ‘Curses Out’ Black Child In Brooklyn – Video Goes Viral!!

A video is going viral on Twitter, MTO News has learned. The video shows a White woman being confronted by a Black man in the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn.

The woman, is being referred to as “Gentrified Karen.”

In the video, a Black man – who MTO News has been told is a longtime resident of Bedford Stuyvesant confronts the White woman who he claims he witnessed “curse out” an 8 year old Black child.

The child was riding an electric scooter through the neighborhood and the White woman – who recently moved there along with a wave of gentrifiers – got upset.

So she allegedly “cursed out” the 4th grader – and was subsequently confronted by the concerned citizen.

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But it gets worse. The “Karen” then claimed that the child “threatened” her. But she offered no evidence that it was true, and the man called her out on the claim.

“How did he threaten you?” The man inquired.

“By [riding his bike] next to me on the sidewalk at a fast speed.”

Wow. Karens these days . . . 

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