Gang Member Claims Indian Red Boy Was Killed Over A Girl – Not Nipsey Hussle!!

A source close to the Indian Red Boy situation took to social media to reveal that the rapper was not shot over a Nipsey Hussle livestream — but over a girl.


“I’ve been looking at these videos and sh*t, right? Been looking at big homies, OGs from the land talking about, ‘Yeah that was payback for Nipsey Hussle.’ All this other good sh*t. Y’all n*ggas really believe that? For the OGs that’s on YouTube or on some type of platform on camera saying that sh*t, do y’all really believe that? And some of y’all OG Crip n*ggas that’s from the land sayin’ this sh*t not even from ’60s,” Bloods member Baby Kapone says in the clip.

He continued, “What happened was him and his n*gga was both f*ckin’ on the same Thotiana. She gets around. They pass her around and his homeboy even tossed him the b*tch. It was said by that female that Zerail was talkin’ real greazy about his partner, basically pillow talk. The female went and told Zerail’s partner and said, ‘Blood sayin’ this that and the third about you.’ So that’s when homie went and approached Zerail.”

He says that after losing a fight to the man, Indian Red Boy got jumped into a rival gang. He says the Rolling ’60s had nothing to do with his murder.

People are calling Baby Kapone a snitch in the comments section.

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