G-Eazy’s Team Caught Plotting To Buy Streams!!

Leaked audio from G-Eazy’s management team appears to show them planning to buy their way to the top — by buying streams.

The rapper’s management firm, the Blueprint Group, and a digital marketer named Joshua Mack — are heard on the call (which lasted for more than an hour), where they discussed Mack boosting his streams in exchange for payment.

“I want this to be big,” one member of G-‘s team said on the call Rolling Stone reports that Blueprint Group CEOs Gee Roberson and Jean Nelson, their head of digital strategy Bryan Calhoun its their chief marketing officer, Al Branch were all involved. 

Mack told them that he could offer “200 million streams a month” for around $30-$50k a month — and told them he worked out how to “crack” Spotify’s code to boost streams on the platform.


In his statement to Rolling Stone, Mack says that he “never worked with” that artist.

“As a marketing company, we have used advertising buys and social media to assist in growing campaigns,” he told them. “While I cannot comment extensively on a private conversation that took place two years ago, I can say that I have created a proprietary framework that allows business intelligence to guide in the decision-making process.”

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