Future’s Mom Responds To Brittni Mealy: It’s Sad

Future’s mom has responded to Brittni Mealy, the mother of Future’s 8-year-old son, Prince.

Brittni says the rapper sent a text to their child allegedly calling her a “hoe.”

After Brittni shared the screenshots, Future took to social media to accuse her of lying. “Pray for her,” he wrote.


Then Future’s mother, Stephanie Jester, jumped in:

“It’s sad when ppl can’t get their way so they turn to social media for attention,” wrote Jester. “No matter how much you give a person it’s never enough. We have to really pray for self-love because ppl take it out on everyone else.”

But Brittni says Future is upset because she wouldn’t sleep with him.

“On GAWD YOU SAID IT THEY NEED TO CANCEL YOU. Cruelty to children! Haven’t seen him in 3 months but in the same State I can Keep Going! Got a refund on his school Clothes today! Petty cause someone Don’t wanna be sexually active with you and just want to co parent!!” she continued.

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