Future To Throw Haiti Benefit Concert


Future has revealed he will be throwing a benefit concert to raise funds for Haiti.

He posted the flyer for the concert on his Instagram Story.

The announcement comes days after Haitian rapper Zoey Dollaz called rappers out for doing nothing to help their country.

“All these f*ck ass rappers that’s always using Zoes this and zoes that in their raps, and I got Haitians in Miami this and that using us to sound cool, I don’t see a single post from none of u f*ck boys about Haiti, but y’all be ready to use our lingos and act like we yall hittas.”

“Sh*t if u don’t wanna give money fine!!!!” he continued. “But bring us some awareness so others can put their heads together and help us.”

He added, “I’m really bout to see who’s with me fr or who’s not in this time of need to help my country out,” he wrote. 

“Really about to fall out with too many n*ggas I called friends that so have money to blow in the office and give, but won’t contribute to buying these ppl goods, and most of these n*ggas are so call ‘ZBs’ = Zoe boys if u know u didn’t contribute after DIS passes on pls FCK UR SELF.”

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