Future CONTINUES To Diss Lori Harvey: ‘She Begged Me Not To Leave’!!

Rapper Future dropped a Lori Harvey diss last week – now he’s going even further. MTO News got an exclusive sneak peak at Future’s new track, and he disses not only Lori Harvey, but Michael B. Jordan too.

In his new track Maybach with 42 Dogg, Future dissed Lori Harvey by rapping “Tell Steve Harvey, I don’t want her.”

But MTO News got a snippet of the original track, and Future went pretty hard on Lori and dissed Lori’s new boyfriend Michael B Jordan, by calling him a “lame n*gg*.”

Here’s the lyrics:

Must’ve forgot to tell her daddy she begged me not to leave. Put baguettes on ya ankles damn near up to ya knees. She didn’t have a choice, but to f*ck a lame n*gga after me.

And here is the song:

Future currently has 11 children from 10 different baby’s mothers. Since her split from Future, Lori now 24 moved on to A-list Hollywood actor, Micheal B. Jordan. Neither have children and seem to be in love.

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