Fresh & Fit Podcast Hosts Accused Of Being SECRETLY GAY . . . After Pics LEAK!!!

FreshPrinceCEO (real name Walter Weekes) and Myron Gaines, the hosts of the Fresh & Fit podcast, have been on the proverbial hot seat for a few weeks – after bashing Black women in multiple public statements.

Now MTO News has learned that new pics of FreshPrinceCEO have leaked – and they appear to show the podcaster in a loving embrace – with a White man. Twitter is now claiming that the anti-Black women podcaster is gay.

The images show FreshPrinceCEO hugging the White man in one image, and cuddling in bed with the man in another. Look:

Fresh & Fit’s disrespect of Black women hit a feverish pitch last week when the hosts invited female rapper Asian Doll only to berate her on their podcast. While on the show, one of the hosts said “I don’t even know who she is,” referring to the guest that they invited. Asian Doll kept her cool and left respectfully, but it left a bitter taste in the mouths of viewers that eventually saw the viral moment.

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That’s not all. The hosts also publicly stated that neither is interested in dating black women, even though both hosts are Black. Not only did they state that black women are not their preference, they repeatedly made “jokes” about “ghetto black women and Shaniquas.”

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