French Montana: You’re Better Off Making It In The NBA Than Hip Hop!!

French Montana thinks it’s easier to make it as an NBA player than it is as a rapper.

“You’re better off making it in the NBA than Hip Hop. NBA, they got like what, 28 teams … 15 players on every team? And that’s in the hundreds. You talk about Hip Hop, you can’t even name 10 people that’s hot every couple months. The odds … anybody can do it if it was easy,” he said on Hot 97.

“So you talkin’ about trying to make it? Your hustle gotta be relentless. Can’t take no for an answer, you gotta be up when everybody sleep.”

In the comments section, folks sounded off on French.

“I made it it wasn’t hard just had to believe in yourself” wrote SkinnyFromThe9.

Somebody else said “Bruh he is living proof that its easier to be a rapper than to go to the nba.”


Another wrote, “Hella cap, you gotta grind for years to be in the NBA. Where as you can blow up over night in hip hop”

Y’all agree?

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