French Montana Says He’s Trying To Get Jim Jones & Max B To Squash Their Beef

French Montana says he’s working to get Jim Jones and imprisoned rapper, Max B, to squash their beef.

The pair used to be close until they had a huge fallout before Max B ended up going to prison.

“I been trying to squash the beef with him and Max B to this day,. Nobody got shot, nobody died. Everybody had their obstacles, everybody got over it, so I just appreciate everyone being a grown man and understanding, from Jim to Max,” French Montana said in an interview.

 “I would’ve never did that without Max’s blessing and the other way too. I’m just glad we’re closer to getting the bag. Everybody is getting older to beef over nothing now, and there’s nothing to beef about. It’s over,” he continued.

Will Jim Jones be open to squashing the beef?

While in interviews, Max appears to have moved on, Jimmy seems to still be holding a grudge.

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