FREE Lap Dances Offered To MOURNERS At Funeral – WTF??? (Video)

A popular male exotic dancer named Mdu Cadbury passed away suddenly last week. Yesterday the beloved dancer was laid to rest and hundreds of people showed up to Mdu’s homegoing ceremony – which MTO News confirmed was extremely unique.

According to multiple social media sources, Mdu’s co-workers wanted to support his grieving family and friends – and so they were offering “free lap dances” to mourners at the funeral. 

Yes, you read that right. MTO News learned that they set up the funeral home – to look like a strip club – and sent out Mdu in style. In front of MDU’s casket was a pair of stripper poles, and dancers took turns showing off their pole skills. 

Also in front of the casket were two plastic chairs, used to give the free lap dances to funeral attendees.

Here’s video from the home going:

MTO News is told that there were both male and female dancers at the home-going, so women were also given the opportunity of getting a free lap dance also.

For those of you interested, here is a picture of Mdu, who is from South Africa.

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