Freddie Gibbs Roasts LL COOL J Over ‘Accidental Racist’ Song

LL Cool J and his fans may want to sweep his 2013 song “Accidental Racist” under the rug — but Freddie Gibbs is not letting that happen and took to social media to clown the rap legend for the song.

“Ay fam this n*gga got on makeup,” Gibbs laughed. “Cut it out man. Just talk about rap sh*t, don’t talk about Black sh*t after you did ‘Accidental Racist.’ You got on makeup, n*gga.”

At the time of the song’s release, LL Cool J faced backlash not just over the song’s cringe-worthy title — but it was just a horrible song overall.

“Music is like a Rorschach test: People hear what they want to hear,” said at the time during an interview with NPR. “With that being said, when it comes to that particular song, the only thing that really surprised me is that, me being in the public eye for so long, and people knowing my history and my background, for people to suggest that I was trivializing slavery. That was pretty shocking.”

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