Freddie Gibbs Blasts Record Exec Who Signed Him To RCA


Freddie Gibbs called out the record executive who signed him to RCA.

He says the exec signed him then ghosted him.

“After I made Bandana the n*gga that signed me to RCA ghosted me for a year plus. Don’t let these industry n*ggaz ‘brother’ you they just care about where they gon’ be working at next year. They not creators like you,” he said.

But Gibbs says he eventually came face to face with the man.

“Pussy ass n*gga saw me at a party last month damn near sh8tted on himself and had to run to @LAMBOLAMBO for shelter,” he wrote. “Every failed rapper turned exec I know personally is a hoe ass n*gga that couldn’t get no bitches.”

Gibbs did not name the exec and his fans were speculating who it could be.


Some deduced that it was exec Tunji Balogun, who was recently named as the CEO of Def Jam Records.

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