Freddie Gibbs Admits To Taunting Rappers w/ Fake Social Media Accounts

Rapper Freddie Gibbs says that he creates fake social media pages just to troll other rappers online.

“I’ve been doing songs with those n*ggas lately, so I’ve been taking notes. You’re never too old to learn. N*ggas become irrelevant because they stop learning and being sponges to the game,” he told GQ.

“I eat, sleep, and breathe this sh*t, every day. I’m looking at what everybody’s doing. I’m getting on fake Instagram pages leaving comments like, ‘That sh*t is wack.’ I’m doing all kinds of bullsh*t, taunting people.”

Gibbs’ most famous beef was not with a rapper, but with DJ Akademiks.

The spat began with DJ Akademiks calling Freddie “irrelevant.”

“I’ll give a bad bitch 5k if they admit to sleeping with @Akademiks,” Gibbs tweeted. 


Ak clapped back, “Freddie … don’t play urself … u not even more successful more than me. Relax ur self kid. U underground. Don’t try to ever play me. If u really wanna try me me.. a BLOGGER. Let’s go.”

The pair went back and forth for a while.

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