Former White House Press Secretary Regretted Decision To Work For Trump

Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham says she regretted her decision to work for Donald Trump.

“When I went to the West Wing is when I actually started to see what it was really like and I regretted that decision immediately,” she said on Good Morning America.

“I now want to, in whatever way I can, educate the public about the behaviors within the White House because it does look like he’s gonna try to run in 2024,” she said. “I didn’t at first, but I’m starting to believe he will. He’s clearly the frontrunner in the Republican Party. Everybody’s showing their fealty to him.”

She said she thinks that a second Trump term would likely see him focused on “revenge” and introducing “some pretty draconian policies.”

“There were conversations, a lot of times, that people would say, ‘That’ll be the second term. That’ll be the second term.’ Meaning: We won’t have to worry about another election,” Grisham said.

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