Former NBA Star Stephen Jackson Speaks On  Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas

Former NBA baller Stephen Jackson addressed trans swimmer Lia Thomas being allowed to compete on her university’s women’s team. 

“Caster Semenya is the Black woman – strong Black woman – who can’t compete cause they said she too manly. But you got this white dude who was scared to compete against men and knew he wasn’t better than men, go get a sex change just so he can be at the top. And just so he can be one of the best in the world but he wasn’t better than no men,” he said.

He continued, “And what we not about to do – we’re not about to have our young women of all races work hard they whole life of the sport – put all this time in to be great, to win a medal, to be at the top, to be one of the best at their sport – And then all the work they put in once they get to the top…now all of a sudden they got to compete against a woman who had a sex change and is really a man.”

Jackson ended his rant with:

“We got to save women sports! And anybody that thinks that’s fair – you are sick. If you are not good as a man and you can’t compete with men don’t think you can have a sex change and go compete [with] women. That sh*t ain’t gonna ride. Ya’ll sick.” 

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