Former NBA Star Chris Bosh Is Boycotting The NFL

Former NBA star Chris Bosh revealed that he’s boycotting the NFL over the league’s treatment of Black coaches.

“Almost exactly a year ago, on the eve of the Super Bowl, I wrote about this injustice: How the NFL, where more than one in two players are Black, had hardly any Black coaches,” Bosh wrote. “Not only is that still the case, but they’ve regressed: there are fewer Black head coaches now than there were when the season began—down to an appalling count of one.”

He said he and his children will not be watching any games until more Black coaches are given jobs with the league.

“Over the last few weeks, I’ve watched the discrimination behind that disparity play out in real time. I’m happy anytime anyone gets a job, but it sure seems like the white guys are having an easier time becoming head coaches and general managers nowadays, while Black coaches are held to an entirely different standard.”

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