Former Bodyguard Claims Diddy Helped To Get Shyne Convicted

Gene Deal, the former bodyguard for Diddy says that the Bad Boy boss helped to get Shyne convicted in the 1999 shooting scandal.

“They came to Shyne and they asked Shyne for [$20,000],” Gene says.

“They had somebody that was gonna make sure all of them got off. ‘Cause they was not gonna agree to none of those charges, and they were on the jury stand. They were on the jury. Shyne may not admit to it but he knows that to be true. This came from [Diddy’s other bodyguard Anthony] Wolf [Jones].”

Gene continues, “The reason they got off was people was coming to Bad Boy security, Paul and other people, and said that they were there. So, they were giving them the [District Attorney’s] and the lawyer’s cards and telling them to go and make a statement. And some of those people making statements were making statements against Shyne.”


“Listen to me, y’all heard it from me, but Shyne said it himself in his interview. ‘You supposed to be my brother and you got people testifying against me.’ Those people were testifying. They were brought to Puff first, saying what they saw against Shyne, what they saw Shyne do,” he said. “The DA didn’t even know those people existed. Shyne said it himself.”

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