Foolio Details Attempted Murder Incident

On DJ Akademiks’ podcast, Foolio detailed the time assassins tried to take his life.

“I walk out of the studio, I’m walking to my car. Anytime I walk anywhere, I got my gun in my hand, walking wherever in Jacksonville, that’s just how you gotta be,” said Foolio. 

“As soon as I get to sit down a little bit, n*ggas get to blowin’, pop, pop, pop, pop. I just see two n*ggas shootin’. I had located where the shots were comin’ from, like, ‘What the f*ck going on!? I’m dead, I know I’m dead.’ These n*ggas blowin’. So I leaned back, upped my gun and get to shootin’ back. I shoot my whole clip and sh*t. Them n*ggas dropped they clip at the scene, all type of sh*t. I thought I popped one of them b*tch ass n*ggas. I saw the car pull off. When I hopped out the car, I had one slide on and I’m running back up to the studio. I run up to the studio like, ‘Boy, you set me up!’ He’s like, ‘Hell nah!’ He showed me his messages, like, ‘I swear to God, on my mom!'”

Watch the clip above.

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