Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His New Hair & Beard Transplant!! (Pics)

Floyd Mayweather is sporting a new look. He now has a ceasar (with his hair cut low) and a beard, but many aren’t buying that he grew the hair naturally. In fact most believe he got a hair and beard transplant, including one online hair replacement expert, who thinks the champ flew to Istanbul Turkey and paid thousands to get a head of hair – and a beard.

The hair expert explained:

“Having seen countless numbers of hair and beard transplants, I am 100 percent sure that [Floyd Mayweather got] a beard and hair transplant.

The hair expert claimed that the greatest boxer in history was only able to grow a goatee before the transplant.


The Youtube expert then criticized Mayweather saying, “I’m not a big fan of beard transplants, because oftentimes they don’t look natural … It takes a lot of grafts to make the beard dense.

Here’s the picture that the expert used to make his diagnosis:

And here is the full video, where the expert explains what he thinks Floyd Mayweather had done to himself.

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