Floyd Mayweather Shares Why He Accepted Logan Paul Fight

Many people have blasted Floyd Mayweather’s decision to step into the ring with Logan Paul.

They think Logan is not on his level.

But Floyd explained why he took on the fight. He says it’s all about the paper.

“A fight is something that goes on your record forever. This is an exhibition. Remember this, I got a sharp mind,” Floyd said. “I told y’all I was entertainer, so I can fight a fighter right now and I can guarantee myself $35 million. Or me and Logan Paul can go out and entertain people and bring in 9 figures, $100 million. Why not?”

Floyd is 50-0.

If he does lose this fight — it would ruin his reputation… but most people think it’s unlikely Logan will last very long in the ring with Mayweather. Logan’s brother Jake Paul has avoided stepping into the ring with Floyd despite Floyd inviting him to.


Is Floyd wasting his time fighting Logan Paul?

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