Florida School Security PUNCHES 11 Yr Old; Live-streamed On IG Live!!

A Florida school security officer has been arrested, after video appears to show him punching a child, who the security man feels is being “disrespectful,” MTO News has learned.

Antwan Ruffin, 40, a part-time security monitor at Horace Mann Middle School in Miami, Florida was arrested Thursday morning on charges of child abuse without great bodily harm and battery, school officials confirmed to MTO News.

The incident was captured on video, and Live-streamed across Instagram. Here is the video:

Antwan can be heard on the videos saying, “Try me. Let me tell you something. This hallway, I run. When that bell ring, you in my hallway,” He then pushes the 11 year old student.

“Yo,” the student says after being pushed. The student is then seen waving his hand in front of his face, implying that Antwan’s was breathing too close to him or had horrible bad breath.

The giant security officer didn’t like that joke, and did the unthinkable, MTO News observed.

“Yo, what?” Ruffin responded.

Then struck the boy in the chest before the student tells him he’s going to the office.

“Go,” Ruffin says. “I’ll walk you to the office.”

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