Florida Rapper Kid Trunks Admits He Lied About Lung Cancer & Being Shot In The Face!!

Florida rapper Kid Trunks has admitted to lying about having lung cancer and getting shot in the face.

“Around the time I did what I did, I’m not trying to blame or make any excuses up for what I did, what I did was very corny, dumb, stupid and retarded on my behalf, and I can admit that as a man. First of all, I do wanna apologize for what I said about me getting shot. I did not get shot. I had a seizure in the hospital and I had the COVID mask over my face and I was straining myself. You know, they have a metal string in the COVID mask and it popped out and I cut myself in the chin,” he said on Instagram Live.

Trunks is blaming his lies on drugs. He admits to clout-chasing.

He continued, “I wasn’t thinking, and not just that, I also have a very bad drug addiction, and that leads me to do very impulsive things. I felt that my career was going down. I felt like I wasn’t getting as much love as I used to be. They say clout is a hell of a drug, but drug is a hell of a drug. I felt that me lying about getting shot would work on my behalf, which it didn’t. And honestly, that was probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever fucking done. Yes, I was clout-chasing, I will admit that.”

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