Florida Rapper Goes Viral . . . Has His Opps Girlfriend ‘Tw*rking’ In New Video!!

A Florida rapper named Juvenile Baby is going viral all across social media. Florida rappers are known for their crazy antics – especially towards their opps.

Well last week, Juvenile Baby released a new video. And one of the women in the video, is the girlfriend of J.B.’s main OPP!! And J.B. has the young woman dancing and tw*rking in the video.

The video quickly went viral, and is all over Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Look:

For years, South Florida has dominated the state’s rap scene, led by artists like Uncle Luke, Trick Daddy, Trina, Plies, Rick Ross, Kodak Black, and XXXTentacion. And whenever anyone outside the state talks about Florida rap, they almost always bring up Southern regions like Miami and Broward County. 

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But now, a new area of Florida is demanding attention, thanks to an explosive new generation of rappers up in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville hip hop is known not only in its music, but in the level of disrespect that the rappers show each other.

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