Florida Pastor Dwayne Dawkins Goes VIRAL . . . Church Members Say The ‘Gay’ Tape Is FAKE!!

A prominent Florida Pastor named Dwayne Dawkins is going viral all across social media, after an Atlanta man leaked a video which Twitter claims shows that pastor and the gay man engaged in an intimate encounter.

But the tape is a FAKE, according to two members of Pastor Dawkins’ church, whom MTO News has spoken to.


The series of videos first went viral over the weekend, and the man in the video resembled the prominent pastor. But MTO News has not been able to confirm the identity of the man in the video, and the pastor’s church members VEHEMENTLY denied that it was him.

One church member who asked to remain anonymous told MTO News, “That is not him. The devil is trying to destroy [our] pastor and the church.”

Another member added, “No it’s not him. It’s lies on the internet.”

Both church members told MTO News that they are very familiar with the pastor’s looks, and say the man in the video is not him.

So far Pastor Dawkins and his wife have not spoken out about the video. But both have either disabled, or set their social media accounts to private.

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The church members believe that the Pastor is planning on taking legal action against all those spreading the videos.

Pastor Dawkins, a member of the  Praise International Church in Florida and the founder and CEO of DHDawkins Ministries. is a New York native is known for being a pastor and missionary teacher. He is also married to Tamia Dawkins, who is a very active First Lady..

Pastor Dawkins is known to be a charismatic, eloquent, and free-spirited leader ready to serve. Praise Tabernacle states that he has a dynamic personality and “exudes a genuine care, love, and concern for all of God’s people.”

Pastor and Tamia Dawkins share three kids, D.H. Dawkins II, Daryn Nathaneal Dawkins, and Dathyn Declyn Dawkins.

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