Florida Nurse Posts Gruesome Pics Of Deformed Babies On IG . . . For CLOUT!!

A Florida nurse is accused of violating the privacy of her patients – and posting gruesome pictures of malformed babies on Instagram, MTO News has learned. And she did it all for the clout, according to authorities.

Sierra Samuels used to work for the Miami-based Jackson Health System beginning in 2016. This week she was fired, after administrators say she was posting inappropriate images online of newborn infants, MTO News has learned.

“My night was going great them boom!” one post by Samuels stated showing a photograph of the newborn child admitted to the hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

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A second picture posted by Samuels showing again the newborn child with a hashtag citing the kid’s delivery defect: gastroschisis,  when a baby’s intestines are discovered to be on the exterior of the physique, exiting via a gap beside the stomach button.

“Your intestines posed to be inside not outside baby!” Samuels’ sickening post exclaimed, WSVN reported last month.

Samuels, who posted a number of different images of herself on the job, had a new administrative position when the images surfaced and is now being investigated. Hospital officers cited affected person privateness as a “top priority” whereas saying the blatant breach could be investigated.

Samuels’ Instagram profile, which is marked personal, identifies her as a “mommy” and a “dry cereal consumer,” a “professional book reader” and a “bipolar lover.” She has greater than 600 followers.

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