Florida Inmate Shoots His Shot At Pretty Judge; During Arraignment!! (Video)


A South Florida inmate tried to shoot his shot at the judge, during his arraignment, MTO News has learned.

And for a second there, it appeared that the judge was interested in him.

The incident occurred during a virtual hearing held by Judge Tabitha Blackmon – who is a real beauty.

Demetrius seemed struck when he first saw the judge. “How ya doin’ how ya doin’?” the front-cuffed but casual suspect greets the judge at the start of his hearing.

“Alright, I’m good sir; how are you?” the judge answers with a flirty smile.

“Judge, you is so gorgeous a judge … you’re gorgeous,” he tells her.

“I love you. I love you,: the inmate adds

“Alright Mr. Lewis. Flattery will get you everywhere,” she responds. “But maybe not here.”

The judge then dropped the bad news. She explained to Demetrius that she has found probable cause for charges of burglary and possession of the drug ecstasy.

Then a prosecutor asks for $7,500 bail, noting that three children were present in the home that Lewis allegedly tried to break into.

“WHAT!?” the defendant’s voice can be heard shouting.

The judge agrees, and he’s ushered away.

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