Flavor Flav Says He’s Still Traumatized By Near Fatal Accident

Flavor Flav was almost killed by a boulder this week and says he’s still traumatized by it.

“Right now, I’m still traumatized,” he said. “Bro, I’m seeing flashbacks. I’m seeing flashbacks like crazy right now. When I went to go to sleep last night, that’s all I kept seeing was that big rock falling in front of my car.”

According to TMZ, Flav was driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles when rain caused a boulder to fall down a cliff and land on the side of his car.

“God is good. He wasn’t ready for me!” he said jokingly. “The only thing I can do for myself is try to leave it in the past now and move forward, because I’m grateful to be here… I feel like a cat that just got another life.”

Flav briefly lost control of the vehicle once the boulder hit his car but was then able to safely get to the other side of the road. His car was totaled.

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