Fivio Foreign Says He Doesn’t Go Back To His Hood

Fivio Foreign says you won’t catch him slipping in his old hood because he doesn’t go back.

“Everybody be calling me, ‘come to the hood, come to the hood.’ They don’t really like you there you know what I mean,” Fivio he said on Maino’s podcast. 

“It’s like they don’t like you, but they want you to come, and then I don’t like the energy. The police, it’s like you go to the hood, the police think you’re the problem. You the artist, you the famous person, you got everybody outside, you the reason why n*ggas outside yelling and wild’n drinking bottles.”

Last week, Casanova issued a warning to rappers after Roddy Ricch was called out for not being in the hood.

“N*GGAS WANT @RoddyRicch to be in the hood so he can end up like me lol,” he wrote. “Man f*ck that sh*t @RoddyRicch keep making that 20 million a year, it beats shooting the wrong video in the hood and sh*t go left. I hope that don’t go over your head.”

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