Fivio Foreign Says Drill Music Is Not To Blame For Gun Crimes

Fivio Foreign defended Drill music after several Drill rapper were shot and killed within days of each other.

Some people think it is too violent to play on the radio.

“This the drill community and I know the police and everybody be looking at n*ggas like, ‘N*ggas be starting trouble. And n*ggas ain’t really starting trouble, they just trying to feed their kids. They trying to take away the drill music off the radio. They trying to stop it from being on the radio … It’s not the music that’s killing people,” he told TMZ. “It’s the music that’s helping n*ggas from the hood get out the hood. You feel me? So, we need that. You take that from n*ggas, n*ggas gon’ be in the hood killing each other and going crazy on each other.”

The rapper also slammed prosecutors using lyrics in court to put rappers away.

“To me, that sh*t don’t make no sense because there’s n*ggas out there that don’t even write their own music. So if you going to indict us and light n*ggas up off their music, then that means you gotta go lock Denzel [Washington] up for being a bad cop in Training Day.”


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