Fivio Foreign Calls 6ix9ine a ‘Lame A*s Weirdo’

Fivio Foreign is celebrating his new album even though he only sold 29k his first week.

“My Debut Album is #9 onna Billboards That’s in the whole world,” he tweeted. “From where I came from that’s a Win.”

He alluded to 6ix9ine buying his Youtube views.

He continued, “And this is why I don’t respond to these lame ass weirdo clout chase’n n*ggas,” he wrote. “You could buy youtube views but you cant buy chart positions. Everything this kid has ever said has been lie and everything else is gon be a lie. I apologize to the real 1’s out there thats mad I’m entertaining this shit but fans must kno. What’s really goin on in NY.”

Fivio previously defended his numbers.

“If numbers and things like that and views and all that determined the King of New York, then guess what, you know who would be the King of New York? Hov would be the King of New York,” he said. “N*ggas like Biggie Smalls would be the King of New York. N*ggas like that. But guess what? Numbers don’t determine the King of New York.”

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