Fivio Foreign Blasts Trinidad James For Saying He Made The Word ‘Viral’ Hot

Fivio Foreign has called out Trinidad James over claiming that he made the word “viral” hot.

“Trinidad James musta lost his f*ccin mind talkin he started da word Viral,” Fivio Foreign tweeted.

On Drink Champs, Trinidad James:

“The term viral did not exist in Hip Hop,” the Atlanta rapper said. “It did not exist. N*ggas never said, ‘Oh, this n-gga going viral.’ N*ggas had never ever said that. I’m a fan.”

Soulja Boy then hopped into the discussion and said : “I was the first rapper to go viral,” he said. “I went viral before ‘Viral’ was a word.”

Recently, Fivio went viral for revealing some shocking details about his sex life:

 “The freakiest sh*t I ever did?” Fivio said on Dirty Street Confessions. “I did a threesome with a pregnant bitch and it was real freaky. It was crazy. I didn’t eat her ass, but I eat ass,” he said. “Gotta eat the p*ssy first,” he said. “Warm it up, it get me warmed up and I get a little excited and then I might go crazy on her ass.”

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