Fetty Wap Opens Up About His Daughter Dying

Fetty Wap recently opened up about the death of his daughter. His daughter Lauren Maxwell died this summer. 

He talked about the tragedy with Fat Joe.

“I lost my daughter June 24. I got that phone call at 12:36 pm. I’ll never forget this day in my life. I was down in Miami at this Cuban spot I go to, I ordered my favorite meal. At 12:36 I see my baby mother’s number pop up on my phone,” he said.

“At the time, we weren’t really getting along, so I’m thinking to myself, ‘Oh I’m about to see my baby. I’m about to get to see my daughter.’ And when I answered the phone, she looked at me, and when she looked at me I’m like ‘What’s up?’ She dropped her head, and I hung the phone up like, ‘Nah what’s up?’ Then she called me back and I saw the tears coming down and I said, ‘Get over here right now, come over here now.’ Then she showed me the police officer and he says, ‘I’m sorry.'”

Watch the clip above.

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