Feminists COME FOR Kanye West . . . Call His Recent Behavior Towards Kim: ‘DANGEROUS’!!!

Kanye West has been doing the most on social media lately. He’s been trolling his ex-wife and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson, as he’s trying to put his family back together.

So far Kanye’s been pretty tame (by Ye’s standards).

This week, Kanye decided to ratchet down the rhetoric – and try a new tactic. He had a truck full of roses delivered to Kim Kardashian’s home, hoping that the two might reconcile.

But feminists all across social media are now ever MORE upset with the legendary rapper. And a small but growing influential group of feminists are beginning to mount a campaign against Ye- calling his behavior “dangerous.”

Kanye Predicts The Future

Kanye has never acted violently towards women – at least not that MTO News is aware of. But that isn’t stopping the feminists from calling the Black man, who married a White woman “dangerous.”

Here are just a few posts:

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