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Female Rapper Rico Nasty Gets Into FIST FIGHT w/ Fan During Concert!! (Video)

Female rapper Rico Nasty got into a fight with one of her fans, during her concert last night, MTO News has learned. The beautiful lyricist jumped off the stage and shot a fair one with a woman, according to online reports.


Rico is currently the opening act for rapper Playboi Cardi. She performs her hits immediately before Cardi takes the stage.

The problem is that Cardi's fans don't seem to like Rico Nasty's music. And at just about every stop of the tour, Rico Nasty gets booed by the fans. And often times they throw objects at her, while she's on stage.

That's exactly what happened yesterday. But instead of taking it, Rico jumped into the crowd and fought the fan.

And there's video showing the incident. Watch:

After the fight, Rico seemed to be very depressed. Hatred from fans seem to be getting to the rapper.Look what she posted: