Female Rapper Omeretta: ‘My Boyfriend’s In Jail For 20 Yrs & I’m Holding HIM DOWN’!!

24-year-old female rapper from Atlanta Georgia, Omeretta The Great is one of the brightest young female rappers in the world. But MTO News has learned that she is receiving backlash from Twitter users about her decision to be in a relationship with a man who is serving 20+ years in prison. 

Omeretta really loves her prison bae – so much so that she has TATTOED his name 6 TIMES on her body.

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MTO News did a bit of digging and Omeretta’s man is set to serve 27 years in prison for allegedly robbing multiple Asian businesses. But when people found out about the amount of time Omeretta’s man is facing, they weighed in on her decision to “stay” with her boyfriend.

Here are pics of her and her bae on FaceTime together:

Here’s her response:

Omeretta, has built an audience through online platforms like SoundCloud, where she has racked up hundreds of thousands of plays. Some of her most popular tracks include “Zero F*cks,” “No More Love” and “Show Me Sum.” 

Omeretta the Great was born on June 20, 1996 in Atlanta, GA.

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